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Learn all about shock proof shock absorption glove

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  Shock-proof gloves are based on yarn gloves and leather gloves. A certain thickness of foam, latex and air-sandwich synthetic rubber or foam rubber is applied to the palm of the glove to absorb vibration. In winter, the above materials can be added to the winter gloves, and the anti-vibration effect can also be achieved. It can also be used for vibrating workers such as hammer punching or motorcycle drivers. Maiper's anti-vibration gloves are mainly used for labor protection in operation.

Anti-vibration protective gloves are a kind of anti-mechanical protective gloves to prevent mechanical damage to the opponent. There are many types of such gloves, but they are basically based on gauze gloves and leather gloves. In order to absorb the shock, various damping devices are made of synthetic rubber or foam rubber in the palm of the glove. . The damper device has small particles in the shape of particles; a gas chamber in which air is injected (injected when used, released when not in use); small bubbles injected into the air, small protrusions of the tube, and the like.
Anti-vibration gloves shall comply with the General Technical Conditions for Shockproof Gloves (LD 2-1991). If the thickness of the anti-vibration structure layer shall not exceed 7 mm, a certain attenuation value shall be achieved for vibration of different frequencies. According to different materials, anti-vibration gloves can be divided into the following different types.
Type of shockproof gloves:
1. Rubber tube method This method is to set a rubber tube made of fixed natural rubber between the finger and each joint of the palm, which has the advantage of absorbing vibration and being able to bend. It is widely used because it has heat insulation and heat resistance.
    2. Sponge method This method is to install a sponge in the palm of the hand. If the sponge is thick, it can improve the effect of absorbing vibration. However, if it is too thick, the resistance of the curved portion will increase, hindering the operation. Therefore, it is important to choose according to the job requirements.
    3. Air-eye mode This type of glove has a small mass and good working performance. If the external force affects the surface damage, the vibration absorption performance will be reduced, which is not suitable for destructive work.
    4. The way in which the gas eye and the sponge are shared Because the gas eye is easily damaged by the external force and the sponge can effectively prevent this, and the absorption vibration performance is high and easy to use.
    5. Way of loading air This method uses a professional air pump to load air into the glove, and its performance is very superior. But if the air is too full, it will easily break. Therefore, it is best to load 7 points.
    6. Buffering with a round rubber material This method is to cut a rubber tube like a squid sucker and attach it to a nylon glove to avoid some degree of vibration. On this basis, wearing leather gloves (mainly artificial leather work gloves), the effect will be more obvious.
    7. Cotton cover gloves When used, even if the two are overlapped, after being compressed, the rebound is small, and the effect of absorbing vibration is small, and the desired effect is not obtained.
In winter or in cold places, the above device can be attached to the winter gloves, which also has the effect of shockproof. Most of the shockproof protective gloves are divided into fingers, but there are also ligatures.
Anti-vibration gloves are suitable for weeding, woodworking, mountain rock drilling, derusting, sand removal, mine excavation, logging, grinding machines, hammering and other vibrating types of work, as well as motorcycle drivers.
Points to note when using:
(1) When the palm of the glove is partially broken, damaged, or leaking the anti-vibration material, the new product should be replaced.
(2) When choosing the size of the glove, choose a larger one and a slightly looser glove.
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