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Kn95 disposable dust mask collapsible non woven 4 ply with ear loops with aluminum bar

Kn95 disposable dust mask collapsible non woven 4 ply with ear loops
Packing1: 50 pcs/polybag, 1000 pcs/carton                     56.5*41*43.5cm       6.3/7.3kgs

Packing2:10 pcs/box, 100 box/carton, 1000 pcs/carton  68*34*49cm             6.3/10kgs

Packing3:10 pcs/box, 100 box/carton, 800 pcs/carton   57*43.5*35cm           5/6.05kgs

4 ply (100% new material) 60g/㎡ spunbond PP+ 25G/㎡ meltblown PP (filter) + 50g/㎡ Heat-sealed cotton+ 40g/㎡ spunbond PP


Comfortable fitting + High BFE/PFE, Filters dust, pollen, Bactera, High Filtration Capacity.

1.Disposable mask, not designed for reuse after wash. 
2.Try to keep the mask as flat as possible while storing it after use. Do not fold nose clip frequently to prolong mask’s life time.
3.It is not advised to wear it while sleeping, having breathing difficulties or stagnant air. 
4.To be worn in general environment to block the pollutants exhaled of released form mouth and nose, and filter certain bacterial and particles. 
1.Recommended to change the mask every four hours for disposable masks.
2.If it feels loose,please tie a knot on  the ear loops 
3. The temperatures -20-38℃ relative humidity < 80%
4. Valid for 3 years

How to wear to properly?

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