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    1. Headband earmuff-DEM202
      1.Wire headband earmuff with comfort pad, 2.super light small cup, 3.Maximised wearing comfort, SNR:22dB.
    1. Headband earmuff--DEM201
      1.Wire headband earmuff with comfort pad, 2.Easy interchangeable cushions, 3.SNR 30dB
    1. Cap mounted earmuff-DEM303
      1. Large, soft, and comfortable sealing cushions, 2. Easy mounting of arms & slots, 3. CE certificate, 4. SNR:30dB
    1. Foldable earmuff-DEM402
      1. Foldable earmuff; 2. Comfort Foam-filled padded ear cups ; 3. Soft sealing cushions. NRR: 26dB
    1. Neckband earmuff--DEM504
      1. CE certificate 2. Material: ABS 3. SNR 30 dB. 4. soft and comfortable 5. neckband earmuff
    1. Headband earmuff--DEM205
      1. small cap with comfort pad, 2.moderate clamping force offers maximum of wearing comfort, 3.easy interchangeable cushions 4. SNR:22dB
    1. Foldable earmuff--DEM403
      1.Foldable head band, 2.Comfort Foam-filled padded ear cups, 3.ABS material. 4. CE certificate 5. SNR: 27dB
    1. Headband earmuff-DEM207
      1.Lightweight and comfortable, 2.Large soft sealing foam cushions are cool and comfortable, 3.Comfort pad and unique cup design and a plastic headband allow for all-day wear,
    1. Safety earmuff-DEM215
      1.Headband earmuff. 2.CE certificate 3. ABS material 4. Nice surface 5.SNR: 30dB
    1. Safety eamuff-DEM217
      1.Hearing protection: Headband earmuff 2.CE certificate 3. ABS material 4. soft and light weight 5.SNR: 30dB
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